Creative director turned home cook, Angie Niebles creates from one medium to another. Inspired by her first trip to Italy, Angie began teaching herself the cuisine from cookbooks, where her love for the simplicity of Italian cooking is what encouraged her to host monthly dinner parties with loved ones back home in Miami. When she moved to Florence in May 2022, this monthly tradition organically created Piccola Cucina, an immersive supper club where you will learn fresh pasta making and enjoy a delightful dinner party.

Angie brings her passion for Italian culture through the love language of food. From Italian cookbooks to now taking culinary cook classes in Florence, her knowledge and experience of Italian cuisine will have you taste authentic Italian flavors.

My favorite part of the evening is when everyone is so comfortable that they are serving each other drinks and going to the kitchen to help themselves. This is really what I want people to get out of Piccola Cucina, to feel that they are at a friend’s house having a whimsical dinner party.

- Angie

Inside an 18th Century Palazzo

Hosted in an 18th-century Florentine palazzo, Piccola Cucina is more than just a culinary experience. It is a place that fosters relationships and where strangers become friends. Details like carefully selected color palettes and floral arrangements are those that Angie marvels at to bring you an immaculate experience. Her warm nature and patient teaching will leave you with a fresh perspective on Italian culture and food.