Love Notes from our guests

Angie’s class was so fun, informative and engaging! She is the perfect teacher to bring a group of people together and turn them into friends. Her passion for cooking really shows through her teaching and through her presentation. She is patient and takes the time to assure that each student has a wonderful experience and learns something. The atmosphere is also incredible. It is a Florentine dream with art, beautiful views from the window and a cozy atmosphere. I’m so thankful to have attended and look forward to attending more in the future!

- alexandra petros

It was AMAZING. I don't think any other culinary experience will beat it. My favorite parts were making the ravioli, I loved learning to press the pasta, and when we all started working as a team, rolling, shaping and serving.

- Gabriella Baronello

It's a phenomenal class which really helps one to relax and enjoy the Florentine culture. It is fun with tasty snacks and great company. The best part was starting the class as strangers and enjoying our beautiful meal as a family.

- Michelle Eliott

I loved learning how to create the ravioli. I would say that this is a must. It's more than a cooking class, it's a full Italian experience where you can attend a cooking class and have a full-course meal with drinks!

- Sam Potenciano

The atmosphere was light, and the people were wonderful. How can it be so calming to cook with amazing people?
Just do it, and you won't regret anything, definitely a perfect way to spend your afternoon, or in our case, until midnight! 😆

- Jerard Abad

Angie is very good at explaining and constantly follows up on people's learning. She adds a lot of sympathy and you get a wonderful experience! But the best part for me was learning how to make pasta and meeting new friends.

- Mattia De Pellegrino